Based on an individual's particular level of independence, CaringWay is a flexible program, which adjusts to the needs of a variety of clients:

The recovering patient

Recovering Patient

From the time of your hospital release to the time you’re back on your feet – CaringWay will be with you every step of the way – no matter how long.

Optimizing Your Level of Comfort - CaringWay Certified Residential Medication Administrators (CRMAs) will manage your medications. Working closely with your doctors and therapists, our team effort will make your recovery as quick as possible.

Seniors Wishing to Age in Place

Aging In Place

When you choose your own home over a retirement setting, CaringWay will be your greatest advocate in enhancing your mobility and your independence.

Making Your Home Safe & Sound - Each year, the choice to “age in place” is stolen from thousands of seniors by household hazards that are easily overlooked. Many are seriously injured, and some become completely disabled. To keep you at home where you belong, we provide a pre-emptive CaringWay-HomeSafe© analysis.

We Work on YOUR Watch - As a non-medical agency, there is no regimented schedule typically found at a nursing facility. You tell us when you’re tired, hungry, or have someplace to go. In extreme situations, we’re also available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Support and Respite Services for You, the Primary Caregiver

Primary Caregiver

Opting to be a caregiver yourself is truly noble and loving—but the overwhelm of caring for somebody with comprehensive needs may be too much for you alone. Rest assured that guidance and support is readily available.

When You’re Miles Away - When you're unable to be there for one in need, there is great piece of mind knowing that a compassionate, qualified person is able to stand in on your behalf—either on a full or part-time basis.

When You Just Need to Step Away - As your responsibilities can quickly gain momentum, it is critical that you take time to rejuvenate. Whether you need to take an afternoon, a day or even a week for yourself to recharge – CaringWay offers respite services that make it easier for you to do so.

When it’s time for hospice care - In the final stages of life, you want your loved one to be as comfortable as possible. At this part of their journey, calling on a hospice service is a natural course of action. When needs go beyond the realm of hospice provisions, CaringWay will enhance their efforts with extended services such as live-in care.

Nursing Facilities

Nursing Facilities

Nursing facilities realize that their own clients often have needs that are beyond the scope of services that they are able to provide. In such instances, they encourage families to enlist CaringWay as an integral part of their wellness program.

Companionship is key - As highly qualified caregivers, we’re called upon for some pretty serious stuff—and that includes having a bit of fun! In keeping, our companion service is a great means of getting clients out and about for a little nurturing and social interaction.